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Platform in new reality

Now the unique content is available to your business. Legally, openly, cheaper.

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Full set to start your entertainment business: protected content, operating system, analytics, web cashier.

Easy start

  • Buy or rent tablet & VR glasses
  • Get a bank account & business licence (or use yours)
  • Register & download apps
  • Choose content
  • Start the mass show!

Effective solution

  • Reduce loss of clients
  • Added value to your business
  • Exclusion of risks
  • Additional point of contact with your brand

By the way, if you ever thought about opening your own cinema or park - you would need to invest about € 500 000, with a payback after 7 years. Using our system, you can start with devices for 2200 $ and get a pay back in 3 months.

All types of content — at same devices with a best encryption in the world.

Good news for rightholder.


Unique encryption

The content on the platform is protected from copying and screen copies.


Instant release

All agents are available in one click. The minimum tariff is set by you.


Fast change

Thanks to the platform, you can edit content online.


Tracking and analytics

Tracking every access online, with information of head movings.

We work for royalty (%) from a real view (pay-per-view)

  Rightholder ViewGate Agent
0-1 month after release 50% 20% 30%
1 month - 12 months 40% 25% 35%
After 1 year 35% 25% 40%

... and for 360 content

  Rightholder ViewGate Agent
0-6 month after release 50% 20% 30%
6 month - 18 month 40% 25% 35%
After 1.5 years 35% 25% 40%

Everything is possible in new reality. Make it as you dream!

Elena Kartseva, CEO "ViewGate"

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